Business Systems That Make CEOing a Breeze

Updated: Feb 23

It can get chaotic trying to manage everything in your business. The overwhelmingness of it all ain’t no h*e! The worst part of it all is you don’t even get to an opportunity to GROW your business.

Don't think I don't understand because trust meeeeee, I do!

And then you have that deep feeling of regret because you rushed to transition from your 9 to 5 into entrepreneurship. That was a wild time for me because I was definitely losing my mind. At the time, I didn't have clients and I was doing everything manually. I definitely did not prepare for any kind of growth.

Don’t prepare for 100 clients/customers when you get 100 clients/customers.

Don’t prepare for 100 clients/customers when you get 100 clients/customers, do it before. Take time to set up the backend of your business. Once the backend of your business is prepared and ready to support your goals, you won't have to worry about future problems.

I know you've been hearing people talk about automation and that’s for good reason. Automation is using systems to automatically complete tasks or workflows in your business. If you want more time to do other things that will grow your business or even if you just want more time off, automate as much as you can.