Updated: Feb 23

One time, I had meetings with two new clients. We spent time truly digging deeper into the why behind their brands. A few things that came up in both conversations were

  • when I do things I want them done right so I'm waiting until everything is perfectly together before I launch it


  • I didn't know I needed to sit down with someone to create a strategy for my brand

I'm sure a few of you are feeling the same way!

Here are my questions on those thoughts…

  • What are you doing with your million dollar idea and a broke mindset?

  • Why are you focused on selling when you could be showcasing the purpose of your offerings?

  • If writing isn't your thing then why not do videos?

  • If videos aren't your thing then why not do audio? If audio isn't your thing then why not do writing? (Get my point?!)

  • Are you caught up with the now of others instead of the now of you?

  • Do I need to come to your house and whoop you because you're too deep inside your head?

I've been there! I was born an overthink but I was also born an executor. Imagine your platform thriving because you sat down with a strategist that's great at building concepts and managing operations (Shameless plug). Be a dreamer but also be a doer!

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