Service Bartering: Friends get invoices, too!

Updated: Feb 23

Having business besties can be lit. They get you and you always have someone to hype up your big idea. But sometimes, we all naturally flock to conducting business with each other. Unfortunately, there are people that allow bartering with friends but the value of products/services don’t match what the other has to offer.

How do you have this awkward conversation with your friends? What do you say when they approach you about utilizing your products/services.

Below, I’ve provided a few tips to help you navigate the service bartering

Special Pricing

“Real friends pay full price”

We’ve heard this a million times but this doesn’t apply to business besties. Both of you are trying to come up which means that neither of you should be looking for anything free. To ensure that both your business and personal relationships remain intact, you can charge them what you paid for the product/service or charge a discounted rate.

Exchange products/services for promotion

Depending what you have to offer versus what your friend has to offer, an exchange of product/services could be helpful. This should be used with caution to avoid someone being taken advantage of.

Send the invoice, sis

Whatever you charge, make sure you send an invoice, price quote, or contractual agreement so that both parties respect the business deal. It is not a favor because we don't do favors.

It is not a favor because we don't do favors.

Set expectations

If you're providing a service, you’re expecting something (tip, donation, barter, etc). Whenever you're providing something for FREE especially with your friends make sure you set thorough expectations.

Money and business can kill or build a relationship. Don't let it kill your relationship because you thought with your emotions instead of business first.

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