Branding isn't Marketing?!

Updated: Feb 23

“What is branding, Natasha?

Branding is what differentiates your business from other businesses. It’s the look, the feel, the sound of your business. In short, it’s the personality your business has.

“What do you mean Natasha, that's marketing?”

No. That's marketing features. When you see a Nike product, you can identify it with either the word "Nike" or their check emblem. You also can identify them by their orange shoe boxes and also when you hear a commercial that says "Just do it."

Nike has created a personality that you can hear, feel, see, of course touch.

What does this mean for your business?

Personalities are forever and this is no different from the personality you build for your business. When you're creating the brand for your business, you should think and create a personality that can last a lifetime. This includes choosing the appropriate names, colors, slogans, etc.

During the creation of My Networking Apparel, I had to think long-term in regards to naming the business. I could've named it Ask Me What I Do but I wanted to ensure that I didn’t limit my brand.

What if I wanted to expand the slogan into an apparel lifestyle in the future?

What if I wanted to attach it to a nonprofit organization?

These are questions that are extremely important when thinking about your brand and they can help you build a solid personality.

A more memorable brand personality.

Re-branding doesn't fix sales.

Just like your personality, you can try to change the look and feel of your business but customers will constantly associate you with the “old” you. Rebranding can’t fix that.

You can continue to rebrand your business but people will still not buy your products/services without being convinced your brand is worth purchasing. You need to get clarity in your brand, evaluate the industry and/or revamp your marketing strategies to sell to customers that are interested in buying.

You can achieve that through the recruitment of brand ambassadors. You cannot be everywhere at one time and you cannot do everything. Get brand ambassadors that are online and offline, your brand should be visible everywhere.

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