Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Do What We Do?

The foundation of our branding modules is based upon your gather information from The Bread Basket Bundle. You need a solid business foundation prior to using our branding methodology to have a creative brand. We share our secret branding ingredients to make bread everyday through our courses and services. You can access these courses and services in our Menu bar.

What Should you Purchase for your Brand?

The first thing you should purchase no matter if you've been in business 15 years or 2 months, you should get The Bread Basket Bundle. The Bread Basket Bundle gives you the roadmap to full-time business ownership as well as the detailed information we'll be gathering if you want to work with us in the Bakery. If you've already purchased The Bread Basket Bundle, you should join the waitlist for our course, "7 Ways to Make Bread." Open enrollment is January 1-31st and July 1-31st. We will be teaching our Branding methodology over the course of 6-weeks. Imagine getting what we would do for you in the Bakery for 90-days in 6- weeks and you can do it yourself! If you've completed The Bread Basket Bundle and the 7 Ways to Make Bread Course, you'll have access to our membership group with monthly access to our creative team and support team to answer any questions you may have. It will consist of monthly live group sessions, branding tips, industry knowledge, new trends and chat discussions.

How to Get Started with our One-on-One Services?

First, you’ll complete an assessment to determine your business’s compatibility with the Bread Aisle. The reason wny the assessment comes before we chat on the phone is because we're trying to see how much work are you willing to put into your business.

If you and your brand is a good fit, then you’ll submit your deposit and we’ll schedule our first call.

Secondly, on our service consultation we will assess the best branding and marketing package from our menu above to best fit your business needs and model.

Lastly, once we pick a package we immediately get to working on your ideas and our ingredients to create the business you've been cooking up in your head.

What Do We Do?

The Bread Aisle is a branding and publishing creative agency that builds ideas and/or underdeveloped businesses in need of creative strategies to make profitable value propositions with an innovative brand module.

How Do I Know if Branding Services is What I Need for My Business?

Well honestly if you've come to this point of our website, it simply means that you are having challenges with marketing your business. There is no branding without marketing and there is no marketing without branding. In order to market your business, you must have marketing material that brands your business. Our branding services sets the tone for your marketing campaigns and content.

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